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Since we can never stop talking about eating or cooking tasty food, my sister Grace and I decided to blog and share our experience, good or bad, with each other (there is a whole ocean between us) and our readers. You will find some well known, but also unknown recipes of dishes we grew up on. Don’t let the unfamiliarity of dishes or ingredients stop you from trying them out. We promise to post only recipes of the tasty dishes we know and have tested.

About us:

This blog was started in 2008 by Debbie and Grace, two sisters from Suriname, who love almost anything related to food. To eat it, cook it, present it, talk about, write about and even photograph. Where we come from there is not one typical dish, but many, as Suriname is a melting pot of cultures. Combine that with living in the USA, Europe, international travels, and you can see how blessed we are with fine tongues, spatulas and the opportunity to try more international varieties of food. Whenever possible, posts and recipes are written in English and/or Dutch.

We are by no means chefs or gourmet cooks, on the contrary, we are just “amateur” food critics who simply love to cook and eat good and healthy food. Sharing our experiences, recipes, tips and culture with our readers, that’s what this blog is all about!

We hope you will enjoy and try experimenting with recipes like we do.

Out of all the experiments and cooking for others, came the idea to mix spices of our traditional dishes, making it so much easier for others to try new, exotic dishes, without having to buy spices that would not be used often. And so Multiculti Gourmet was founded in 2014.

A year prior to starting this business, Debbie’s interest for spices peaked when she learned the healing effects of spices and herbs, which she is sharing in her Kindle book series “Hidden Powers of Spices & Herbs”

Enjoy!  ~ Eet smakelijk!

Bon apetit! ~ Buen provecho!

Njan Switie! ~ Selamat Makan!

with the owner of Trattoria da Sebastiano (Holland)
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