Yummy Nutella

nutellaNutella (or Tunella, as one of my grand daughters used to call it), a chocolate hazelnut spread originated in Italy, that we used to get from Holland, is one of my favorite sandwich topping. It was always hard to make it last until we got the next visitors who could bring us some more, so imagine my excitement when all of a sudden it appeared on the grocery store shelves near us. Yay!!

While the first jars sold were not cheap, it was worth the price to indulge every now and then. Luckily Nutella is now sold all over the U.S. and apparently the rest of the world! A while ago I saw a tweet about 8 things you may not know about Nutella and of course I had to check it out.

Did you know there is a World Nutella Day? Goodness, how did I miss that? I rolled from one link to another on that web site and could have gone on for hours, just to see the things people do with Nutella! Oh boy, I must be the most boring Nutella fan who likes her chocolate spread plain on toast, because the variety of cookies, cupcakes and other desserts people make with it is endless!

Well, at least I got some inspiration to try out some new things with it and put that big jar of Nutella I have to work, but then with a twist. Hmm, what genius, yummy Nutella snack can I invent?

Here are some links for cookies I selected to try out:

Nutella Poptarts

Butter cookies with Nutella

Nutella Biscotti

Nutella sugar sandwich cookies

Nutella thumbprint cookies