Chafing dishes

Entertaining for the holidays? How do you keep your food warm?

In the beginning we started using sternos, but even though it was handy at a picnic, the big aluminum pans were not very appealing when having a smaller, more intimate gathering. So when we received a gift album with a beautiful chafing dish as one of the options, we were sold. We ended up buying two more to hold enough food for our big family parties of 15-20 people. If you entertain often, believe me, it’s an investment worth making because you will not have to worry about reheating food for your guests. All you need is a chafing dish, hot water and chafing fuel.

Interesting tidbit:
Apparently chafing dishes were already used in the Americas around 1520, by none other than Montezuma (9th Aztec leader), as mentioned on Wikipedia.

Here are some suggestions for chafing dishes you may like.


Chafing dishes

No more dried out turkey

It’s almost Thanksgiving and everyone is getting ready for turkey again!

There are tons of tips on “how not to overcook your turkey”, but this is one of those situations where you usually don’t know until it’s too late.

You can’t cook the turkey a day ahead; you can’t cut in the turkey while it’s cooking to test if it’s done; and you may not have done it often enough (once a year?) to be an experienced turkey cook.

So what do you do?  Here’s the solution: Dip your turkey in chicken broth!  Bet you didn’t think of that before 🙂 

Check out  this video tip on on how to fix dried out turkey. Genius! 

Happy Thanksgiving!!