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We hear it on the news all the time: heart disease is the number one worldwide killer of men and women. A shocking statistic is that heart disease -not cancer like most of us think- causes 40 percent of all the deaths in the U.S.A.  However, many times this can be prevented or treated by a healthy lifestyle that includes diet and exercise.

While browsing the Internet last week, I found this interesting article on CNN. It lists the 10 best foods for your heart, and I’m glad to know that I’m on the right path, using 70% of the items on this list. One of my personal goals is to be healthy and fit, and since healthy eating is part of the mix, I wanted to share the article on this blog.

Did you know that oatmeal and olive oil can lower your bad cholesterol? Salmon can lower your bloodpressure and avocado can raise the good cholesterol in your body.  Berries have lots of anti-inflammatories and spinach will make you strong like Popey 🙂  Nuts, legumes and flax seed are a good source of fiber, while soy provides a lean source of protein.

Click the link for more details on the 10 Best Foods for Your Heart.

Since this is a foodblog, I feel like I should share at least one recipe.  Ever had an avocado sandwich? For me it is the next best thing to sliced bread! You only have to make sure that the avocado has ripened well.  See these tips to find out more.

For a simple Avocado Sandwich, you’ll need your favorite bread, ripe avocado (peeled and sliced), butter and freshly ground black pepper and salt.  Toast the bread, spread some butter on it, add the sliced avocado and top off with salt and black pepper. It can’t get any easier, but you will still enjoy a healthy, nontraditional sandwich!

Check out some other avocado recipes here.

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  • 1 April, 2009 at 8:48 am
    Yes, the reason many diets fail is because eating carrots and celery sticks does not satisfy hunger. Avocados are satisfying and delicious with salads, sandwichs or as a sidedish. They are used in sushi rolls as well. For me avocado is almost a meat substitute and I can eat it for breakfast. lunch and dinner.
  • 27 October, 2014 at 5:52 pm
    Good to know.

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