Food in the Dominican Republic

My boyfriend and I recently went to the Dominican Republic on vacation and we had a great time!

Our only worry was to be on time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between we enjoyed the white sandy beaches, the sun, the friendly people, piña coladas and especially the food. We stayed at an all-inclusive hotel, but because this isn’t our favourite way of celebrating our holidays, we rented a car and travelled to a few cities. This way we can learn more about the culture of a country. The old part of the capital city Santo Domingo is great to see, that is if you like ancient buildings. We hired a guide, Agostin, to see the beauty of the city.

In Santo Domingo I ate the best dish during our vacation. It was local food: mixed rice with lobster pieces and vegetables. A very yummie dish!!!  

The opposite of this meal was a french dish we had ordered by accident because at first we thought we were at a Spanish restaurant. It was stuffed octopus prepared in ink.

Not only did it look disgusting, but it tasted like that as well. That’s what you get sometimes when you try to be adventurous. But we had a good laugh!

And still, our vacation to the Dominican Republic was one of the best ever!

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One thought on “Food in the Dominican Republic

  • 13 March, 2009 at 7:34 pm
    I think the Japanese are the only ones who can prepare octopus well (as sushi). My sister loves the Dominican Republic, she always stays in Punta Cana.

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