My camera!

One of my many hobbies is photography and I’m a true amateur. Before there were digital cameras, I used my husband’s Pentax and learned the technicallities to take pictures of my kids, pets, and flowers. Thankfully digital cameras are here, making it easy to operate, besides taking a million pictures. While this blog is not about photography, please read on and you will see how it relates to food.

Have you ever seen foodblogs with pictures that make you want to lick your screen? It wasn’t until last year (or the year before?) that I discovered foodblogs and paid more attention to pictures of food in magazines. I thought it would be fun and since I love food and photography, why not do both? When we used to go out for dinner I always remembered too late to take pictures. It’s a different story nowadays, since I started taking pictures of the sumptious dinners served at restaurants. I must look like a total dork, but when I’m in photographer-mode I don’t care what the world thinks of me. After all, I’m an amateur!

Recently I started taking pictures of my cooking experiments, inspired by the yummy pictures of the various blogs I’ve seen. One day I wanted to bake a pineapple upside down cake and take step-by-step pictures of the process. Flash, no flash? Zoom in or close ups? Wait, gotta remove that junk in the background! Yes the amateur was at work and having a lot of fun too. When the cake was finally done, I flipped it over to shoot more pictures. Hmm, it was smelling delicious and I hoped that my pictures would come out so good that viewers could almost smell the warm pineapple pound cake. Took pictures from all sides, added sprinkles,

Pineapple upside-down cake
Pineapple upside-down cake

more pictures, and then… I still don’t know how it happened, the camera slipped out of my hand… lens facing down… onto the tiled floor of my dining room!! (yes, ouch!)

Oh nooo! The new camera was a Christmas gift from my hubby! I quickly picked it up and checked if everything was still working. Yes, it seemed to be fine and I shot a few more pictures. After cleaning up I picked up my camera and saw that the lens was not fully retracted. What now?! Pressed the power button, but I got: “Lens error, restart camera.” Can’t remember how many times I desperately “restarted” but the darned lens would just not fully close! Disbelief, anger, grief, and finally realization hit me that the camera must be broken. I can fix a lot of things, but not this! My beloved camera had to go to a shop for diagnosis, but hopefully I would have it back soon.

A week later, here I am, camera-less because the repair would cost as much as a new camera (cheaper brand). I’m really sad about it, because with the current economic situation affecting our country (and my wallet!), the new camera will have to wait. Imagine all the “kodak” moments I have to miss? I can’t even think about it….

This was the first blooper since starting the blog. It’s not really funny (to me), but I can’t blame anyone or anything else. It wasn’t the smell of cake, or the sprinkles, or the camera, or the band that didn’t close tightly around my wrist, or the tiles (why did we have to remove the carpet?). It was me! Take my advice: don’t let the smell of yummy food, the beautiful picture, or any outside factor, make you forget that you have a wonderful piece of (fragile) equipment in your hands that WILL break if it hits the tiles! Keep that in mind when you try my pineapple upside down cake!


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