Going Greek at Taverna Plaka (Atlanta)

Last Saturday we met up with some friends for dinner at a Greek restaurant in midtown Atlanta. I had been there before, a couple of years ago, and almost forgotten how good the food and the ambiance were.

First we ordered wine that came in what looked like a water glass! Maybe that’s how wine is served in Greece, but the wines were good (Mirassou Sauvignon Blanc & Lolonis Ladybug) and that was more important. As appetizer we got flatbread with a refreshing cucumber yoghurt dip. After we ordered our entrees the waiter served more bread and placed a mortar and pestle on the table. What!!! We had to prep our own food??? Well, having the customers play with mortar and pestle was one of the unique things this place offered, creating a more fun and relaxed ambiance. We had to grind the ingredients to make our own fresh hommos or hummus before eating with bread.

While we waited for our food, two bellydancers came out to entertain the crowd and they even got up on the tables to dance. Birthday persons were also invited to hop on the tables and dance. While that was going on the waiters threw BIG confetti (mini napkins) at the tables, yelling “OPA!” Most women (and a few guys) tried to “bellydance” along with the dancer, looking like stiff boards. It was hilarious! But … a lot of fun too, besides, what happens at the Plaka … stay at the Plaka!

Then the waiters came back with one beautifully decorated plate after the other. My Paidakia (grilled lamb chops) was marvelous! Three lamb chops (marinated and grilled tender) were leaning against eachother over a bed of creamy garlic mashed potatoes and freshly sauteed spinach. Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me, but believe me, it was a feast for the eyes, tongue and stomach! One bite after the other went in, but since the appetizers already occupied half of my stomach, I had to ask for a box to enjoy the rest later.

OPA! The dancers came back and ouch! Ever tried bellydancing with a full stomach? It just doesn’t work that way! But, OPAH!, we kept moving and had fun dancing (disco?) on Arabic music, imagine that!! We left early, but in a good mood, until I discovered halfway home, that I had forgotten my box with leftovers…. Oh no! How did that happen? I only had one glass of wine! OPA!

All I had left that night, was a full belly and the memory of my scrumptious lambchops …. I may go back soon, even though I’d like to try another ethnic restaurant in Atlanta next time.

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  • 3 October, 2008 at 11:12 am
    I loved this restaurant as well! Great music and atmosphere. Great review. Liz

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